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You register on our site.

You can upload photos into our gallery. You can also place your photos up to be seen and rated by hundreds of Russian women.

You can send one letter each to any girl from the gallery. You can choose to send a greeting card, a wink, an interactive card or a message.

You can rate women's photos.

If you wish to read replies to your messages and write back, you'll need to upgrade your account.

Currently Silver and Gold memberships are available. Check the prices for more details.

Choosing either a Gold or Silver membership allows you unlimited communication with all the ladies presented on the site.

Each week brings about 80-150 new girls who are active but not yet communicating with anyone.

Gold and Silver members have the ability to send video and/or audio messages to women they communicate with.

The provided system of templates allows to send messages quickly and easily.

You can exchange e-mail addresses (and of course phone numbers, instant messenger names, etc.) with the Russian ladies you like.

Our online translator will help you communicate with ladies who do not know any foreign languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to buy the address of a young lady that I have seen on your site. How much is it?
Sorry, but we do not sell addresses. Women have their right for anonymity and safety. If they like you, they will give you their e- mail address themselves. We check them manually before making them Gold members but we do not give their information to anyone. You have to register, pay for a subscription and talk with the lady.

Why do I have to pay? I've been on a dating site where I paid but it turned into a disaster.
Site support is difficult and complex work.
It's the manager's job to work with photos submitted by both men (serious Russian ladies will just leave the site if they find pornographic or otherwise offensive photos amongst normal photos of men) and women (some can't upload photos and send them to the manager directly instead).
It's also a manager's duty to take care of scammers, which takes a sizeable amount of time. We don't want our members to lose money to scams and to keep it a safe place for everyone. There are quite a few people who haven't heard about Russian girls that work as scammers. We have an anti-scam programme that helps us rid the site of scammers. Read about our anti-scam programme and it never hurts to find more information on scammers and how they work online.
Lately, one of the most popular scams has been the "Nigerian Scam". Such scammers trick men and women alike. They register as men or women from the USA. More so, their IP addresses are from the USA, they pay with fake credit cards, upload attractive photos, act courteous and are clever enough to seem like a dream to any man or woman. Eventually they supposedly travel to Nigeria where something unexpected happens and they require aid. They ask for around $800- $1000 from men and $100-$200 from women. We're sure you don't want your heart broken and hopes destroyed or for ladies to quit the site thinking that all men from the USA are scammers. We don't want that either and we do our best to solve these problems.
Answering your questions, working with complains and helping with different issues are all part of a manager's job.
It's important to have a good user base promoting brides, fast-working dedicated server equipment to ensure quality services for men and women so far away from each other.
And last but not least are the expenses for programmers and system administrators. The need to work on the site to make it safe and pleasant for users.
Our site is subscription-based. We need girls who are real, actively looking for a partner and replying to letters. Our databases currently contain about 10,000 girls and we ensure safety and availability for everyone.

I have visited several Russian dating sites with Russian ladies and met only scammers there. What do you do about such problems?
That is indeed a problem. Scammers are usually criminal groups (the major centre of scammer activity in Russia is in Kazan, Chuvashia). They easily change names, e-mail addresses, photos and profile information about themselves. They make the impression of millions of different members but there are actually only several active criminal groups behind them working in shifts. We have ways of sorting them from real girls. There are of course scammers that don't fall under any category but they are often placed in black lists online, which makes it easier to notice them.

I am going to pay but I have a question first. Several ladies replied to me and I want to communicate with them. If I pay for a subscription, when will they receive my messages? Will they be delivered to their home addresses?
The ladies on our site have access to the Internet; they register on their own and write messages on heir own. If a lady has replied to you on our site, it means that you can write back to her and she will read her the message when she next visits the site. You can find her online and exchange messages more swiftly as well. Some of our couples manage to exchange 40 to 60 letters every time they are both online.

Should I use your agency if I am not single?
No, we are a matchmaking agency and so we only work with people who are really serious about meeting and marrying someone.

What should I keep in mind when creating my profile?
The amount of members that write back to you will greatly depend on what your profile is like.
Be sure to upload a photo. Members like being able to see who they keep in touch with. This is why profiles that have photos get far more attention. You can add a photo taken by digital camera or scanned.
Think over what you wish to write. Add as much detail to your profile information as possible. Tell others about yourself. Things like what you like and dislike, your favourite pastimes and what you do for a living, what character traits are most prevalent in you and even about your fondest dreams. The more detail your profile provides, the more likely it is that other members will find it interesting.

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Five Steps Towards Success

1. Do your best to vividly imagine what it is you want from your relationship with a woman. Make a list of criteria. Then decide which are most important to you and which you can yield to or find a compromise with. Some examples are: social position, mind frame, liveliness, intimate relations, age, looks. There are many others too. Decide to what degree those traits must be present in your ideal candidate. Then take a more critical look and think whether such women really exist. Perhaps the given choice of traits that you wish for in a woman is unfeasible in essence?

2. Picture a portrait of your ideal woman. Where does she live and what does she do for a living? What interests does she have? And most importantly: what does she seek from a man and what does she expect of him? Can you meet these expectations? Just like you, a woman has the right to choose. What can you offer her in exchange for your wishes? Some men think that a stable lifestyle and wealth are enough to have a sturdy relationship, and likewise, some women search for wealth in all aspects of life. But such people eventually reveal their true motives and are unlikely to attract you further. If you brought to mind the image of your ideal partner as having unattainable desires, then return to the beginning and change the list of requirements to be less strict.

3. When online we tend to build virtual images of those we interact with created by our minds from information, photos and exchanged messages. Picture a man that would seem attractive to the kind of woman you prefer. What is he like? Straight-forward and sensual, lively and decisive, keen and serious, romantic and intelligent? Build such an image within your mind and make it whole. Photographs and the answers to the above questions shouldn't go against each other but be supportive of a wholesome image. Highly contrasting traits more often serve to disorientate and surprise rather than attract. It would be better for her to see your varying qualities in a personal meeting. Though don't over-exaggerate the virtual portrait you draw. With creative enhancements aside, it should still reflect the real you or once the meeting does occur, you might both be disappointed.

4. A website has countless profiles to look through and waiting to be noticed might take years. Not to mention that those that do notice aren't guaranteed to be the kind you would wish to meet. More so, some nationalities find it unacceptable for the woman to act first so she might not show her interest even if it's there. Look through the member listings more often. They're updated frequently. If you find a woman you find attractive, send her a wink, a virtual greeting card or write a message. The larger amount of women you notice and contact, the greater your chances of finding your other half will become. Make sure to reply to messages swiftly yourself.

5. Just how many women have you met at work, on the streets or in public transport? Have you still not found that one and only? Did you run into blatant disrespect and lack of manners? Did you drop any hope for a pleasant encounter? Many consider virtual matchmaking useless after the first failed attempt. But looking for that special someone is serious goal-based work. The web isn't a lottery or a fantasy world where wishes come true of their own accord but it does present the possibility of expanding your search to the entire world. But what if the search wasn't successful? Weeks and months pass but women don't write or reply? Or perhaps they do contact you but they aren't your type or wish to discuss topics you aren't fond of? All that means that you aren't directing your charisma at those you wish to attract or that you chose a wrong ideal image all together. Look through these recommendations from the start and alter your profile accordingly. Just remember to not retreat when things get tough.


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